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     I just finished reading They Called Her a Liar, which was an emotional experience for me.  You said that I was the first person to make a purchase at the Harlem Book Fair last month.


In your book, you said, "Hopefully, someone with the capacity to act will read this and be motivated to take the necessary action on behalf of the girl, her family, and her advisors".  My thinking is that it would take another movement to take & sustain that necessary action.  


I remember when Oliver Stone made JFK and how controversial it was.  Back in January, I went to see Selma.  Movies like that can be made safely because 2 generations have passed.  That's how I think about the Tawana Brawley case.  (The only longshot that I can imagine on the horizon is for President Obama to weigh-in.)


The book was a great read.  It was great because you assembled a lot of information and put the book together in a really easy-to-read manner.  It was not a great read in that I cried every couple of pages.  I remember clearly the story of a young girl who was found in a plastic bag, with feces smeared on her, and with ugly words written on her body.  They Called Her a Liar made me realize the depth of the degradation she suffered, as well as bringing me up to date on what became of her (at least up until the date of your publishing the book).  Since you're now retired, maybe you should consider a second career as an investigative reporter & writer.


Carry on,

R. H. 8/21/15


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